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  Las Colinas: 27-9-2017

Captains Day

Price           : 60 euros

Buggy         :     included + driving range + drink.

Entrance fee  :  5 euros  Stableford

Please be at course ¾ hour before your tee time

If you cannot play please ring 694494824 or 666694467

 Location : Click Here


Tee Time  B/W B/W  B/W  B/W
09-00 tee1  Robin Eastman  Martin Perry 14   Brian Butler  Peter Hudson
09-10 tee1   Mike Fearnehough  Mike Freeman    Colin Rust  Jackie Rust
09-20 tee1   Tony Sims  Steve Grundy  Steve Higgins  Kyrre  Skarsmoen
09-30 tee1   Barry Roehrig    Paul Guest  Stuart Grayson  Jim Belshaw
09-40 tee1  Steve Belshaw  Aan MacDonald  Mick Roscoe    Mike Jordan 
09-50 tee1   Theo Boelhouwer  Tony Smale    Roger Webb    Mike Iddles
10-00 tee1    Keith Stevenson  Norman Mcbride  Hayden Williams  Paul Fisher
 10-10  tee1  Chris Hamblett  Phil deLacy    Matt Newman  Greg Shumake
 10-20 tee 1 Norman Cahill    Dennis O,Flynn 21    Kevin O,Flynn 18    Gary Purtill 7  
8-40 tee 10 Barry Lane    Richard Pearce   Donald Murphy    James Heagerty  
8-50 tee 10  Andy Shaw    Marit Ronsen    Sten Ronsen      
 09-00 tee10  Ken Flaherty  Paul Kelsall    Noel Bannon  Ivan Hanak  
 09-10 tee10  Richard Cleary  Mary Cleary  Andy Imrie  Carmel McCann
 09-20 tee10  John Osborne   Billy Lane    Brian Mulligan    Jamie Rorison  
 09-30 tee10  Keith Wraithmell    Norman Padmore  Bjorn Pettersson  Eve Pettersson  
09-40 tee10   Keven Mitchell  Matthew Taylor  Grattan Forber  Darren Hancock
09-50 tee 10  Phil Birtwistle    Marge Birtwistle    Mike Inns    John Mellor  
10-00 tee 10  Peter Girenas    Peter Cunniff    Gerald Bannon    Ralph Tilbrook  

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