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Season starts 1-1-2017


San Miguel Golf Society Singles Match Play,

The following rules will apply forthwith with regards to Singles matches

1. Full handicap difference,

2. All matches to be played off yellow blocks.

3. If matches are tied after 18 holes and the first tee is not available the next time the pair play with S.M.G.S. the match will restart on the 1st tee sudden death.

4.If matches are tied after 18 holes NO MORE SHOTS will be given on the extra holes.

5. The matches will be played on society days(Unless both players/teams agree to play on a non society day) and all players will also play in the competition of the day.

6. All matches to be played by the stipulated time if not both players eliminated from the Competition ( Captain to use his discretion and his decision to be final).

7. That if under exceptional circumstances a player/players (doubles) can not play a round for which they have qualified then they are replaced by the person/persons
they beat in the previous round, so negating the need for byes (with the exception of the first round)'

8. Entrance fee 5 Euro per player.

9. Maximum Handicap Men 24 Ladies 28.

This year's Singles club matchplay competition starts in January 2017. Registration closes 28th December 2016.

For more information contact Barry on 0034966731033

2017 Singles
Enter a Match Result.
  Round 1    -    Matches to be played by:  01 Mar 2017  
  Roehrig Barry V Skarsmoen Kyree won 5&4  
  Pettersson Bjorn won 3&1 V Pettersson Eva  
  Spicer Nick V Higgins Steve won 1up  
  Turkington Ivor won 5&4 V Padmore Norman  
  Flaherty Ken V Davis Steve won 1up  
  Kelsall Paul V Mulligan Brian won 5&4  
  Eastman Robin won 4&2 V Hancock Darren  
  Inns Michael won 1 up V Forber Grattan  
  Jordan Mike won 3&1 V Mick Roscoe  
  Boelhouwer Theo won 4&2 V De Lacy Phil  
  Smithers Ray V Fleet Steve won 3&1  
  Rorison Jamie won 4&3 V Stevenson Keith  
  McBride Norman won 4&3 V Macdonald Alan  
  Cahill Norman V Smale Tony won 2&1  
  Aitchison John won 4&2 V Reilly Hugh  
  Reddington Kenny won 5&4 V Cobain Paul  
  Round 2    -    Matches to be played by:  26 Apr 2017  
  Skarsmoen Kyree V Bjorn Pettersson won 7&5  
  Steve Higgins won 1up V Ivor Turkington  
  Steve Davis won 5&3 V Brian Mulligan  
  Robin Eastman V Mike Inns
Won 4&2
  Mike Jordan won 3&2 V Theo Boelhouwer  
  Steve Fleet V Jamie Rorison w/o  
  Norman Mcbride V Tony Smale won 6&5  
  John Aitchinson
Won 4&2
V Kenny Reddington  
  Round 3    -    Matches to be played by:  31 May 2017  
  Bjorn Pettersson V Steve Higgins won 2&1  
  Steve Davis Won 1up V Mike Inns  
  Mike Jordan V Jamie Rorison won 3&2  
  Tony Smale won 2&1 V John Aitchinson  
  Round 4    -    Matches to be played by:  28 Jun 2017  
  Steve Higgins won 4&3 V Steve Davis  
  Jamie Rorison won 1up V Tony Smale  
  Round 5    -    Matches to be played by:  26 Jul 2017  
  Steve Higgins won 5&4 V Jamie Rorison  
  Steve Higgins  

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